Room Spray Black Pepper 50ml


Spray a little bit of nature in your house. Natural fragrances create a wonderful atmosphere in your home and have a positive effect on your mood.

Natural Room Spray is a natural home fragrance based on premium essential oils, which allows you to give every corner of your home its own perfect scent. Choose the right fragrance for each room and arrange the bottles all around your house. There are more than 20 different essential oils to choose from in the Aromatherapy Essentials collection.

Black pepper is one of the oldest and most popular spices in the world. The strong, spicy fragrance with fresh floral undertones energises the body and stimulates the mind. Black pepper boosts concentration and offers physical and emotional warmth thanks to its mysterious, magical touch. An intriguing aroma that makes your living room a wonderful place to be.

A couple of sprays is enough to give a room the right feeling or to quickly remove unpleasant odours. Natural Room Spray is also a safe way to add perfume to your pillowcase or other textiles.


Contains: Piper nigrum fruit oil.


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